Dose Control APP

Dose Control APP

An application designed for the monitoring and control of medication dispensed in:



“An application designed for the control and safety of patients”

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The LOGIN process is simple, with a user and password previously assigned by the residence or pharmacy, we will enter the control panel where the following options will be reflected.:

APP Control de Tomas Acceso


Upon accessing we will see the following control panel where we have these two options:

APP Control de Tomas Panel de control


It will give us a margin of hours (depending on the ones that we pautáramos before in to check the time range of the medications (GUIDES). If we mark for example 8:00 a new screen will be displayed where we will have all the PATIENTS that carry the medication at that time, to be able to exercise a control.

APP Control de Tomas Controlar


The APP has an alert system that will notify the owner of the tablet the hours they have medication.

A popup window (POP PUP) will appear that will show a warning::



Hours of Shots

By dialing a time by default, a list will be displayed with the patients that are assigned those hours with the medication.

When selecting the PATIENT a new window with a DATAMATRIX reader will appear

This code is printed on each bag dispensed by the robot

APP Control de Tomas Controlar Listado de pacientes


When reading the code, a check of the patient is made within, checking a series of data for the safety review and checking of the guideline.

  • Day: Check if the day is right
  • Time: check the exact time of the shot
  • Medication: Check the drug is the one assigned to that medication
  • CHANGE: Check the change of the pattern if it had suffered a modification after the medication so that the NURSE add or remove medications.
APP Control de Tomas Controlar Data matrix


After the check we have several types of aviso.

  1. The dispensing to the patient has been carried out correctly: This notice validates the intake and confirms that everything is correct
  2. There is a change after the manufacturing date: This notice has two types of ALERT
    • ADD “X” medication to this TOMA: It tells us that there are medications to add
    • REMOVE “X” mediation to this TOMA: It tells us that there are medications to be removed


The tablets are equipped with an RFID recorder that allows the dynamic writing of bracelets for each patient.

Upon entering the writing section will be displayed a new window where we will have the list of patients managed from where we can assign wristbands when the tablet passes over it in a simple and practical way.

APP Control de Tomas Controlar Escritura de pulseras


When reading the wristband it is verified that this PRUDUCTION (SPD bag) belongs to that patient in particular


After the check we have 2 types of notice.

  1. Paciente correcto: This notice validates the BRACELET AND SHOT confirms that everything is correct
  2. Paciente incorrecto: This notice informs us that the PATIENT does not correspond to this mediation
APP Control de Tomas Controlar Utilidad


The security system makes an exact control in two easy steps

  • DATAMATRIX verification
  • BRACELET verification

Through these two processes we manage our APP we can offer an exact control of the mediation per patient, detailing all the information that we are interested in obtaining and you see exactly controlling the medication for the benefit of the patients.

In we offer detailed reports by date and time, assign a range of these two and we will leave all the patients who have received their intake at that time through a list, we work with a system (NUBE) that captures everything in real time so all the data is continuously updated.

Try our APP and keep an exact control of your productions, facilitate the work to the nurses and improve the quality of attention in the residences.

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