Software Farmadosis

High Technology

Farmadosis, is a software that helps in the management of chemist’s, in the management of patient treatments and in the communication between the chemist’s and the geriatric centers to which the SPD medication is supplied. It uses an SSL security protocol based on 128 bits, complying with the requirements of Spanish regulations on health data protection.

Profitable business? With Pharmadosis, sure.

Farmadosis provides a control of medical prescriptions so that the pharmacy has available the data of the balance of sales by residence and patient to control / claim the failed recipes according to the productions in the system.

Software features

Farmadosis, is a software in the cloud (Web application) so it does not need to be installed on any computer. Therefore, you can access the program from any point with internet coverage and from almost any type of device.

Synchronization system with the different chemist’s management programs to update the data automatically. Administration panel for user permissions, generation of backups, creation of customers, residences, modules or sub-centers, etc. Patient file with all the necessary information, storage of patient documents, photograph, data of incompatibilities, posology with all types of personalized guidelines and embroidery criteria. Storage and visualization of the entire history of patient dosages. Production by bioequivalence or by national codes, allowing the selection of a single bag for medicine, forced dispensation by national code and visibility of non-packageable medication in the bags.

Patient / pharmacy debt control system by controlling productions, sales and prescription deposits allowing:

  1. Filtering patients by module, type of insurance, types of medications, doctor, active medications, with and without debt, etc.
  2. Differentiating by consumed and pending to consume.
  3. Grouped by bioequivalence or displayed by National Codes.
  4. Visualization of the list of productions and sales by medicine.
  5. Issuance of individualized listings or grouped in pdf or excel.

More than 20 types of different reports to have all the necessary information about your patients. Control of medication administered to avoid duplicate productions. Issuance of delivery notes, labels for manual or semiautomatic emblistadoras, etc.