About our company 

Farmadosis was born to cover the needs of the current society regarding the distribution and dosage of drugs (SPD). From this idea we began to work to develop and facilitate the work of the pharmacist, residences and hospitals, taking full management with our 360o online software.

With our robotic systems we can adapt to the specific needs of each pharmacist. We have the widest range of robots of last generation, fast and safe, consumables, accessories and everything needed to introduce you to the SPD. Our integral service aims at an easy administration to patients minimizing the risk of errors in dosing and times of the shots. The result is efficiency in the management of personnel, resources and money.

On goal is to be the best for business to your business

Our Trajectory

With its main headquarters in Palma de Mallorca for more than 6  years, In drug production, maximum output is essential and we work in the union of technical resources of engineering and development. Since then we have been increasing our range of hardware and software giving support to more than 100 pharmacies nationwide, with the sole objective of offering the most advanced SPD system in the market supported by our software and implemented with our robots.

Today, through our two locations, we give a wide national and international coverage, improving day by day of the hand of our clients, implementing new functionalities and solving doubts and incidents with our customer service.

Future Projection

In Farmadosis innovation is premised. That is why we periodically update our systems to the latest technology, APP applications, frameworks, hardware and human personnel. Thanks to this philosophy Farmadosis defines its objective with a simple sentence:

Full automation of your pharmacy