Market Adaptability

We invite you to know how the transit of the medicine has changed in recent years.

Years ago, after the drug was produced in the laboratory, it was emblistated in the typical packaging of drugs, it arrived at the pharmacy and later it was supplied by the pharmacist to the patient. As the number of drugs (due in part to the emergence of generic drugs) as well as the number of patients has increased, the correct administration of these drugs has been made difficult.

For the pharmacist the store organization and the management of the drugs along with everything that entails (list of patients, recipes, order and dispensation of molecules) is not a simple job, reason why it becomes necessary to have more personnel to meet those shortcomings.

The appearance of software pharmacy control, such as Farmadosis, has allowed them to be solved all these problems about the
drugs management.

How does it work?

Our software is quite intuitive and allows to create a central pharmacy where to register the managed residences to be able to order the patients, dosages, medicines, treatments, etc. Everything that was done before with a sheet of paper or a spreadsheet, is now always available online, from any device with Internet connection, thanks to our Cloud system

Drugs Management

Thanks to the coordinated work of Farmadosis and its partners there are several ways to automate the SPD taking into account the volume of production. It also offers you an additional guarantee: constant innovation.

Let’s take an example:

1) We create a production in Farmadosis

Patient Name: Patient DEMO

Name of the residence: Residence nursing home DEMO

  • Medicines dispensed: Paracetamol 1 gr on Monday 10:00 am, Ibuprofen Wednesday 23 pm, and all medicines that have pending in that dispensation that patient.
  • Time of the take: can include all the days of the week, intercalary schedules, schedule shots every x hours, every x days, etc.
  • This information is sent by an encrypted file to the robot transmitting everything necessary for the creation of personalized bags as in this photograph.