Blister Machine

What is a Blister Machine ?

It is a machine that performs a packing in a mechanical process. There are two types of processes in the market.

Semiautomatic: Need the user intersection to produce.

A clear example of this may be represented in our  FARMABLISTER  product which carries a cable production process in the semiautomatic way, through a series of LEDs with luminous drop sensors

Needs the user collaboration to deposit the pills in the order indicated by the light, according to the position of the patient, a finished wrapper the process is carried out a cable sold and packaging the container which provides the patient a hermetic and practical container for the Control of your medication.

Automatic: The process is carried out in the fully automatic way managed by a robot.

All information is managed through our software ( can be imported directly through the medical center, residence or pharmacy, creating the list of patients with their respective dosage; Then proceed to manage the information by finally sending an order to the robot to start production automatically.

Both machines are designed to increase production and facilitate work considerably.

If you want to know more you can see our line of products.